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Collection of Labels from any Campbell’s Product – ENDS Dec. 31, 2017

Collecting these labels supports Campbell’s Labels for Education Program.  These labels will go to help Christian Schools buy “extras” as they don’t get full funding like “public” ones do.  We’ve received news of helping to purchase sports and video equipment, making field trips possible, and so forth – all good stuff that makes us feel we’re doing something worthwhile.

Any label from any Campbell’s product is eligible.  Each label must have both the name Campbell’s as well as its UPC bar code clearly visible and undamaged (no rips or tears).  Each label should also be flat.  It is a shame whenever we have to throw away labels we receive that are damaged that will not be accepted by Campbell’s.

Please be aware that Campbell’s makes many products besides its soups. There are other eligible brand names made by Campbell’s such as V8 drinks, Prego sauces, Pace salsas, and Goldfish Crackers.  Check the list: Campbell’s Eligible Products

Link to get further information on the program: Campbell’s Labels for Education Program

Phyllis Gray is in charge of collecting these labels.  Please note that this program ends as of December 31, 2017.



Collection of Used Postage Stamps – ENDS Dec. 31, 2017

For years (going back to at least 1997) we’ve been collecting used postage stamps from around the world for a variety of Christian needs. Currently they go to the Canadian Bible Society where they are sold to stamp dealers; the money is used to buy bibles for prisoners. We’ve even received letters from inmates telling us how the bible has caused them to turn their life around and on release they are going to do some type of ministry work. A few even begin studying for the ministry while still behind bars. One person even started a bible study group in the prison with an amazing response.

For stamps to be eligible, they must be real stampsmetered and prepaid stamps are not eligible.  They must be carefully removed and prepared (unless they are brand-new) with 1/4-inch of paper all around.  We’ll trim the stamps; they just need to be complete with no rips or missing corners. We have people willing to do the removal and trimming if you wish to remove all name and address information and hand in the remaining envelope instead.

Please note that any stamp that has not been cancelled by the Post Office can still be used. Age is not something that takes value from an unused stamp.

Phyllis Gray is in charge of collecting these stamps.  Please note that this program ends as of December 31, 2017.


Pot of Soup

Hosting “Soup’s On” (Occasionally)

The weekly Soup’s On community luncheon program is regularly held at the St. Alban’s Anglican Church Hall (501 Brink Street) every Friday from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm. We occasionally prepare and host this event (approximately every 5 weeks).  We also provide the alternate site in our Church Hall for this gathering whenever St. Alban’s Hall is not available such as when St. Alban’s is booked in April for the annual Art Show (3rd Friday). Our next date for hosting this event is Friday, June 2nd, 2017

An associated project is collecting yogurt, cottage cheese, and sour cream tubs (650-750 gram size) for Soup’s On. This project started around 2010.  Extra soup is placed in these containers and given to those we see at the meal who could use a hand-out, and any remaining are taken to Elizabeth Fry where they are frozen for distribution on “food day”. Right now the need is urgent as a couple of the “big” donors we had have either passed away or moved away. There are even some people in Armstrong saving them for us!  They said they’d rather see them put to helping the needy than go to the recycling where they are turned into lawn chairs!  One of the Sunday guests who helps with worship while we are without a resident minister lives in Armstrong and brings them over when coming, but we can’t rely solely on this source. The spares on hand have never been so low. Margarine tubs, honey tubs, and the like are a bit too big.  Our church people are good at donating, but we need to get help from others as well.