Church Committees



Jacklin Desrosiers, Hilda Drinkwater, Phyllis Gray (Chair), and Minister

Hall Coordinator:

Frank Mierau

Lay Delegate to the Kamloops-Okanagan Presbytery (KOP):

Frank Mierau

Manse Committee:

Jacklin Desrosiers, Frank Mierau (Chair), Kathy Paulos, and Minister

Ministry and Personnel (M&P):

Jacklin Desrosiers and Colleen Mierau (Chair)

Pastoral Charge Supervisor:

Rev. LeAnn Blackert

Search Committee (Ministerial Search when there is a need)

Hilda Drinkwater (Chair), Phyllis Gray, & Loraine Shwaluk

This committee works with complete confidentiality and members must have been received into full membership of the United Church of Canada (i.e., have officially joined the church).

While we look for a new Minister for our congregation, we have a Pastoral Charge Supervisor assigned to help us with any Minister-related matters and to attend any Congregational meetings we may have when recommending a person as Minister.  This person also chairs any Congregational meetings requiring a vote as well as the Annual Meeting held early each New Year.